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Churches Without Saints

Churches Without Saints


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Desaster are a German black/thrash metal band formed in Koblenz in 1988. When Desaster formed, they were inspired by bands like Venom, Hellhammer and Destruction; the name of the band comes from the Destruction song "Total Desaster". The album “Churches Without Saints” was released on vinyl before in 2021 by Metal Blade Records. The Cover artwork wow, without hesitation we went for a Pop-Up re-release, strictly limited to 500 copies (250 orange vinyl and 250 red vinyl) Hand numbering 001/500 and printed inner sleeves – hell yeah! After the intro The Grace of Sin, Churches Without Saints delivers exactly what you would expect from a good Thrash album, an exhilarating driving pace that is well convoluted in its direction switching, from the first actual track Learn to Love the Void through to the final track Endless Awakening.
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