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Last One On Earth Popup LP

Last One On Earth Popup LP


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Asphyx is a Dutch death metal band that was formed in Overijssel in 1987. Last One on Earth is the second album by Asphyx. It was released in 1992 by Century Media Records. For our re-release it got the church of vinyl Pop-Up makeover. It comes in a limited quantity of 999 copies (001-025 liquid filled vinyl, 026-075 splattered vinyl and 076-999 milky clear). We sticked to the hand numbering of course 001/999.“This album is a step up from the classic debut by this band, "The Rack" known for it's abundance of riffs and it's gloomy atmosphere. The atmosphere is also to be found here on their sophomore album, a crushing 39 minutes of death/doom brutality. This album bludgeons the entire time and Martin Van Drunen's unique vocal style ups the amount of torturous atmosphere this record has. Van Drunen sounds like a tortured soul, his vocal style is very unique and unmatched by anyone else in the death/doom style, and most death metal bands in general.”
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